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1. What files are acceptable to upload for designs?

The following are all acceptable - .jpg | .gif | .png | .tif | .bmp which are raster based - or - .ai | .cdr | .eps | .pdf  |.ps | .wmf which are most often vector based. Ideally, the best is a vector image.

2. If I want to order a number of items but have different designs, will it cost extra?


We will always try to keep costs low. It will depend on two factors - the type of printing that needs to be done. HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl or PSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) may cost a little extra or if the image/design sent needs to be worked on. Contact us for further information.


3. Can I purchase for non-continental USA or outside the USA?

Currently we are only shipping to the Transcontinental US. 

4. What is a good size image to send?

We recommend 300 DPI or higher for a clean/crisp finish. If your image is less than 300 DPI it may become blurred/pixelated as it's enlarged.

5. Can copyright/trademark material be used?

We will only accept copyright/trademark material if you own the copyright or have permission to use it. We will require written proof and you will retain the copyright/trademark after the work has been completed. If we feel that a copyright/trademark infringement has occurred, we will reject the work order.


6. What payment methods do you accept?

We will accept all major credit cards, checks or cash (cash is only accepted in a "face-to-face" situation. Please, do      not send cash in the mail.

7. How long does it take for me to receive my order?

This generally depends on when we receive the order, current workload, availability of stock and then on the mailing service. Currently, (due to Covid -19) we estimate two weeks, or less, from day of order.

8. What is the minimum / maximum order that can be placed?

There is no minimum or maximum order level. We may be able to apply a discount for higher volume orders. Please contact us for your requirements.

9. Is there any set-up fees or any hidden extras?

We do not charge for set-up fees and we certainly do not "hide" anything from you. If the designs we receive are not good quality or require additional work (resampling etc.) then an additional charge may be applied. We will contact you before any work commences to ensure you are happy with our intentions. If you are happy with our final quote then be assured that is the price you pay. The only time the quote will change is if you require additional work or change the mailing address.


10. Can the items be embroidered?

We do not have the facility to embroider any work.

11. What kind of printing is involved in producing my designs?

We employ two types of printing, sublimation as our main and then vinyl transfer for those that can't be sublimated.

12. Where do I send my designs and order?  We will respond to say we have received the email and design(s) as soon as possible.

13. Can I cancel or change my order?

When we receive an order, we will respond with an email to clarify your requirements and quote the final cost. Once we receive that acknowledgment back we can no longer accept a cancellation. 

14. Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

The sales tax, if any, will be included in your final quote.

15. Can I speak to a human being rather than send an email?

Of course. On the home page we have noted our hours of operation. We will, however, require to conduct the        invoice and final acknowledgment via email.

16. Are my designs kept on file?

Indeed. They will be kept in case you need to place a further order.

17. What is the maximum print size I can have for an item?

Currently we are working with a sublimation print maximum of 15" x 15". If you are interested in the PSV            (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) then this would be 12" wide up to 50 yards in length. 

18. When is the payment due?

Once the acknowledgement email has be received from you we will contact you via phone for any credit card details. Checks are cleared first before. 

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