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Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirts




Athletic Grey

Columbia Blue

Featuring UPF+50 for superior sun protection, the Micro Solar Long Sleeve is lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep the sun's rays from penetrating through to your skin. The fabric is powered by PURE-tech moisture wicking technology.



White / Columbia Blue / Athletic Grey 


Micro-fiber rip stop/micro pique mesh insert

Cleaning Instructions:

Bleach-free and scent-free detergents are recommended. Use a minimum amount of laundry products and no dryer sheets or fabric softeners. Additives can inhibit the wicking power of the fibers.


If your design(s) incorporates any white then please be aware that garment colors (other than white) will require a HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) application that may incur an addition charge.


Adult X-Small

Chest=19.5"       Length=26.00"          Shoulder to shoulder=16.00"        Sleeve Length=25.00"       Sleeve opening=3.75"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue

SKU: GALS113   SKU: GALS114    SKU: GALS121  

     $27.92            $28.88               $28.88        

Adult Small

Chest=21.00"        Length=27.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=18.00"        Sleeve Length=25.00"       Sleeve opening=4.00"   

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue    

SKU: GALS112   SKU: GALS115     SKU: GALS122       

     $27.92             $28.88               $28.88                   

Adult Medium

Chest=22.00"       Length=28.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=19.00"        Sleeve Length=25.50"       Sleeve opening=4.25"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue    

SKU: GALS111   SKU: GALS116     SKU: GALS123     

     $29.60             $30.56                $30.56                  

Adult Large

Chest=23.00"       Length=30.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=20.00"        Sleeve Length=26.00"       Sleeve opening=4.50"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue  

SKU: GALS110   SKU: GALS117     SKU: GALS124      

     $29.60            $30.56                $30.56           


Adult X-Large

Chest=24.00"       Length=31.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=21.00"        Sleeve Length=26.50"       Sleeve opening=4.75"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue   

SKU: GALS109   SKU: GALS118     SKU: GALS125           

     $29.60           $30.56                 $30.56                      

Adult 2X-Large

Chest=25.00"       Length=32.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=22.50"        Sleeve Length=27.00"       Sleeve opening=5.00"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue   

SKU: GALS108   SKU: GALS119     SKU: GALS126       

    $32.00               $33.92                $33.92              


Adult 3X-Large

Chest=26.00"       Length=33.00"         Shoulder to shoulder=24.00"        Sleeve Length=27.50"       Sleeve opening=5.25"

    White           Athletic Grey      Columbia Blue     

SKU: GALS107  SKU: GALS120     SKU: GALS127    

    $33.68             $35.84                $35.84               

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